Our Opinions

The Liability of  the designers and manufacturers of security products is undoubtedly huge. Also, all must realize that the quality of a armored door is a combination of knowledge,  material costs and implementation rules.


Never  don’t  talk  about armored security doors that do not meet the minimum rules shield as thickness  and distribution of metals - steel and manganezas.

Never  don’t  talk about armored security doors,  when  locks applied outdated models  and demonstrably disrupted in various ways.

Never  don’t  talk about armored security doors, when  they are installed incorrectly.



Unfortunately  for the sake of unfair competition, of gravy and probably  of irresponsibility , all  are leveled. I  suggest something simple to the potential  buyers .  Enjoying the privilege of doing research in market. Compare similar products.  The right choices are made without panic and rush.

Visit  SIAMO too. We are confident that you will see different structures in the armor and be informed on the quality of high-security locks too. Because ... we explain and show  to  you all.


SIAMO  have the knowledge  and apply the rules strictly.

We have the knowledge  because we have constructed the security doors.

We have the knowledge  to  install properly the security doors.

We have the knowledge of  the secrets of locks that are in  present and  in the future.


In SIAMO we have overcome the rules. Daring  and proving . We manufacture  armored security doors  which can burst  - open with a way ...  distruction.